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Thinking about the guy who registered  \"><SCRIPT SRC=MJT.XSS.HT></SCRIPT> LTD at Companies House and exposed a bunch of XSS vulnerabilities in third party scrapers to the point where it had to be renamed to THAT COMPANY WHOSE NAME USED TO CONTAIN HTML SCRIPT TAGS LTD with the previous name listed as [NAME AVAILABLE ON REQUEST FROM COMPANIES HOUSE] :p

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I drew Goofy doing the Akira slide on an upside-down bike as seen on one of the TV series he appeared in, because... I dunno. Felt SOMEONE had to.

#goofy #akiraSlide #akira #doodle #vexel #shitpost #art

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have to install openssl-1.1 on manjaro for capistrano to work

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In my mandated Community College business class

I drew a 1-point perspective cube on the whiteboard and they raved over how I didn't even use a ruler.


No, it was my sociology class that was the worst of my associates degree. I burned that textbook.

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"16,384 LEDs to revolutionize automotive lighting: Nichia and Infineon launch industry’s first high-definition micro-LED matrix solution"

Can I hook one of these up to gpio and have delayed shadows

This could be interactive art

... I was working too hot and let too much smoke out as well. Not from the pico. All evidence is that the smoke is still in the pico.

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Also acceptable: no-soldier castellation-hook-to-header-pin things

Why yes it's a pi pico why do you ask

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How do I not oxidize my solder iron tips

I know the answer is somewhere between "tinning them" and "that's the fun thing, you don't"

But I lack so much technique

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Utility-first CSS saves time and reduces code. Instead of writing all of this...

p {
margin-bottom: var(--margin-m);

... all you need to do is this:

<p class="mb-m">on</p>
<p class="mb-m">every</p>
<p class="mb-m">single</p>
<p class="mb-m">fucking</p>
<p class="mb-m">paragragh</p>
<p class="mb-m">present</p>
<p class="mb-m">and</p>
<p class="mb-m">future</p>
<p class="mb-m">until</p>
<p class="mb-m">you</p>
<p class="mb-m">die</p>

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I’m reposting this publicly, so that anyone who needs to hear it, sees this post.

Even if you only compare focal length, which is a characteristic of the lens, you will get very different results.

Photography is not an objective view of reality.

Smart phone focal lengths are generally unkind.

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I'm serving my... County. It's not even my county.

They playing Hitch.

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