"You can get this really cheap on AliRxpress"

And they're right.

But also the shipping takes two months

...is this a difference pre/post pandemic, or UK (them) vs USA (me)

Because they never mention the shipping time

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At least I was given a link to youtube.com/watch?v=cDuObAR42N before the post was removed.

"Just 10 components" only one of which I don't have to order *grumble grumble*

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I really have to learn that r/raspberry_pi is a "no learn - just inspire" board

Note to self check if rpi 2040 named timers overwrite like you think they should kaspars.net/blog/micropython-b

(I'm glad the pattern I was looking for is several years old)

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Micropython doesn't have a built-in debounce?

All the official documentation examples are centered on the pyboard?


docs.micropython.org/en/latest if there's no way to check if a timer is running I guess this works???

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@zoeschiffer @caseynewton

There is no urgency to build "AI". There is no urgency to use "AI". There is no benefit to this race aside from (perceived) short-term profit gains.

It is very telling that when push comes to shove, despite having attracted some very talented, thoughtful, proactive, researchers, the tech cos decide they're better off without ethics/responsible AI teams.


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are these strong AIs in the room with us right now?

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2750. Flatten the Planets 

title text: We'll turn the asteroid belt into ball bearings to go between different rings orbiting at different speeds.


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ball jointed hair
a    o       a    
l    i       i
l    n       r
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Everything in a lever lock has a ferrule because I have no confidence I won't have to fix this a thousand times

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Ordering type B & micro usb cables in the year of our Lord 2023 for used industrial hub so my 3d printer case may be a modern ouroboros or something

V2 of the case already has the waveshare pico-controlled relay there are so many wires

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Discord is getting in on the "AI" trend with testing of new features utilizing user data scraping, potentially for training a large language model. To disable the only settings which might affect your data being utilized for this, go to the Privacy & Safety section of your Settings. From there, toggle off both "Use data to improve Discord" and "Use data to customize my Discord experience."

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Made a clock that shows the wrong time when it detects someone looking at it 👀🙂

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RT @Brieyonce
Allow me to introduce you to the most ridiculous yet amazing thing you will see this week.

On top of that... the black hole is supposed to be gigantic- How? According to the online calculators I'm seeing, the Schwarzschild Radius of a moon mass is supposed to be 0.10mm or so? OK, supposedly it's artificial... but the difference between a natural black hole and artificial out of control one is supposed to be?

Also less than a Kelvin above absolute zero. That thing is staying around.

No change to earth's tides? The moon is still there? Why is this anything more than a mining tragedy?

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