DeviantArt announces an AI art offering - that everything is default opted in to

Shortly later, it announces the option to tag art that you don't want processed by AI - of course, the effectiveness of a "do not enter" sign adjacent to an open door frame

A phishing Google Form then circulate on twitter, claiming to be the opt out form for the dA offering

This is the same sort of thing as making americans invest in the stock market with 401k / IRAs rather than their former employers / unions managing retirement pensions.


The big companies want to control content. And it won't get support unless it's forced.

Now the littler guys - independent artist and such - have another vector for their work to get "stolen" - ai processing - and will clamor for adequate protections. which is what the companies have wanted.

Widevine for video drm. What will be the equivalent for image drm, how much will you have to pay to get it?

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