"Don't Be in Contempt of Court'

Day -2 - woken up by tv downstairs

Day -1 - woken up by tv downstairs

Day 0 - Tasker + Podcast Addict. Would be niche if any other podcast program implemented Android Intents to allow for external automation. Maybe suggest to org.y20k.escapepod ?

Day 1 - Dug up an AIY voice kit (v1), hooked it up to a PI 2. Realized that version didn't have WIFI, hooked it up to a PI 3. Quick ruby script to download Security Now rss feed, parse with Nokogiri, youtube-dl the latest mp3 (wget not following http redirect?), ffplay (mpg123 is confused). Cron it for appropriate time. TODO: turn down volume a bit more than 25. Make button Stop it. 3d print case? 7:20 - 8:00

Day 1 Addendum: Using DietPi, which has a script for driver setup in the software package list. NOT the AIY disk image. If this thing ever listens to me, it's on my own terms.

Day 2 - woke up significantly before the alarm - 6 somthing rolled over and - 7:10 to 7:40.

mast.sudrien.net/web/@sudrien/ relevant. Volume at 8, could turn it down a little more.

Thought I had it so the button's led would turn on when playback started - and off when finished. No Off.

All monolithic 3d cases not really optimized. Might have to design. Back to cardboard.

Drove by courthouse. Overly tall building.

...And Microcenter. Pico W now available for future projects.


github.com/Sudrien/podcast_ala I broke down and did it in python. Will more come of this? Who knows

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Day 9 - github.com/Sudrien/podcast_ala updated. Was failing to get out of bed earlier than 8am, so it's to the big guns: I never seem to fall asleep properly if a 3d print is running.

I'm going to have to keep this up over the weekend, aren't I

Day 10 - 3d print running, 45/s in cura, 1mm retraction 25/s hard alarm at alarm at 5:10 am

I can do this

3 more times


I need to figure out what to print these next nights

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