So apparently Marvel's (latest? 2019?) Doctor Doom comic got started with a black hole getting lose on the moon.

Which was there to apparently be a garbage disposal. Which. I'm sure I've heard dummer ideas. Throwing stuff into the sun, that's a dumber idea. Because you're just using more fuel to de-orbit stuff.

But also- matter apparently being so bad you will absolutely never have an use for it, but you'll strap it to a bomb to put into orbit.


On top of that... the black hole is supposed to be gigantic- How? According to the online calculators I'm seeing, the Schwarzschild Radius of a moon mass is supposed to be 0.10mm or so? OK, supposedly it's artificial... but the difference between a natural black hole and artificial out of control one is supposed to be?

Also less than a Kelvin above absolute zero. That thing is staying around.

No change to earth's tides? The moon is still there? Why is this anything more than a mining tragedy?

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