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gpiomon pinctrl-bcm2835 23
gpioset pinctrl-bcm2835 25=1
gpioset pinctrl-bcm2835 25=0

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There is no libgpiod wrapper for Ruby?

Absolutely every library for ruby + Raspberry PI gpio access is broken?

Day 1 Addendum: Using DietPi, which has a script for driver setup in the software package list. NOT the AIY disk image. If this thing ever listens to me, it's on my own terms.

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Day 1 - Dug up an AIY voice kit (v1), hooked it up to a PI 2. Realized that version didn't have WIFI, hooked it up to a PI 3. Quick ruby script to download Security Now rss feed, parse with Nokogiri, youtube-dl the latest mp3 (wget not following http redirect?), ffplay (mpg123 is confused). Cron it for appropriate time. TODO: turn down volume a bit more than 25. Make button Stop it. 3d print case? 7:20 - 8:00

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"Don't Be in Contempt of Court'

Day -2 - woken up by tv downstairs

Day -1 - woken up by tv downstairs

Day 0 - Tasker + Podcast Addict. Would be niche if any other podcast program implemented Android Intents to allow for external automation. Maybe suggest to org.y20k.escapepod ?

The worst still might not be covered by spam checkers at large and involved federal money so I'm shut

The 2nd worst web implementation decision I've had to implement was hiding a sacrificial password field at the beginning of a "change password" form to deal with uninstructable password managers

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The hedonic treadmill and the bell curve are related concepts, right

The average is established by the strength of opposing forces

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logging out and
in can fix that
which is broken

It's a tablet.


It not I don't want you to have money, it's I don't trust the people giving you money that aren't me

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Note to self


general.useragent.override (new setting)

Todo: test if chrome desktop behaves better than Firefox desktop

Yay fewer app prompts

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So ai training is the next crypto mining / nft scheme now?

Leaning away from huge amounts of electricity (though plenty still required) and towards huge amounts of art theft

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discord has ruined the definition of the word "server" for potentially an entire generation of people

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I was surprised at the effect of repeatedly applying 'de-noise' and 'add noise' filters

It's not "proper etiquette" when the only verification you have that anyone is listening is a green or yellow dot. A real person has priorities, escalate yourself.

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It's the "can I see you in my office" but often positive concequences if you ignore it, because they never even tried asking you for anything

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